Police, Fire, Ambulance 9-1-1

When it comes to using cellular phones with (613) area code it will automatically be transfer to the 911 services in Ontario, if you are reporting an emergency in the province of Quebec with you cellular phone, please call819-310 4141 or * 4141.


**Be aware of and clearly state the civic number of your place of residence when phoning in any emergency. The civic number, posted at the end of a driveway is invaluable to emergency services trying to find a place of residence. Make sure the civic number sign is always visible.

For immediate contact with the police to report a non life threatening crime in progress, call 310-4141 .

Anti-Poison Center of Quebec: 1-800-463-5060

Hydro Quebec: 1-800-790-2424

Info-Health/CLSC Health Clinic: 819-683-3000

Pontiac Community Hospital: 819-647-2211

Poaching S.O.S: 1-800-463-2191